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National Steering Committee (NSC)

An empowered Steering Committee has been constituted by the Ministry of Education for actual implementation, continuous guidance and monitoring of the programme at the national level. Dr. Vijay P. Bhatkar, an eminent scientist and rural development enthusiast has been designated as the Chairperson of the National Steering Committee (NSC) with stalwarts like Dr. Mashelkar (Ex Director General, CSIR), Dr. Ved Prakash (Ex-Chairman, UGC) and Dr. Sahasrabudhe (Chairman, AICTE) and others as the members. The first meeting of the NSC was held at IIT Delhi on 29th April, 2016 and it was decided that the NSC will be meeting quarterly to provide direction and requisite thrust to the programme. The coordinators of the overall coordinating institute, the mentoring institutes and the subject expert groups will be regularly reporting to the NSC.

Members of National Steering Committee (NSC)

  • Dr. Vijay P. Bhatkar, (Ex. Chairman, BoG, IIT Delhi) - Chairman
  • Professor V. Ramgopal Rao (Director, IIT Delhi) - Co-Chairman
  • Prof. Kshitij Gupta (Emeritus Professor, IIT Delhi) – Co-Chairman
  • Dr. R.A. Mashelkar, (Ex. Director General, CSIR) - Member
  • Dr. Anil Sahasrabudhe (Chairman, AICTE) – Member
  • Shri Gopal Krishna Nayak (Director, IIIT Bhubaneshwar) - Member
  • Mrs. Geeta Bali (Chairperson, MANIT, Bhopal) - Member
  • Prof. Ved Prakash, (Chairman, UGC) – Member
  • Shri P.N. Ranjeet Kumar (Joint Secretory, Ministry of AYUSH, Govt. of India) - Member
  • Shri Lalit Kapur (Advisor, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Govt. of India) - Member
  • Shri Sameer Kumar (Economic Adviser, Dept. of Drinking Water & Sanitation, Ministry of Rural Development, Govt. of India) – Member
  • Dr. B.S. Negi (Scientist- G, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Govt. of India) - Member
  • Dr. Ajay Kumar (Additional Secretary, Dept. of Electronics & Information Technology, Govt. of India) – Member
  • Mr. N. Sivasailam (Additional Secretary, Dept. of Tele Communication, Ministry of Communications & Information Technology, Govt. of India) – Member
  • Shri V.L.V.S.S. Subba Rao ( Economic Advisor, MoE ) - Member
  • Prof. Rajendra Prasad (Advisor - UBA, IIT Delhi ) - Special Invitee
  • Prof. Virendra K. Vijay ( IIT, Delhi) - Member-Secretary