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Lifestyle For Environment Living Udaharan under Higher Education Engagement Program of UBA in collaboration with C20 LiFE working group

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Lifestyle For Environment- Living Udaharan under Higher Education Engagement Program of UBA in collaboration with C20 - LiFE working group


Greetings from Unnat Bharat Abhiyan (UBA), a flagship program of the Ministry of Education, Government of India, National Coordinating Institute, IIT Delhi. 
Dialogue with Living Udarahans of LiFE is one of the engagement program activities under Civil Society 20 (C20), Unnat Bharat Abhiyan will play a significant role alongside YOJAK,Civil-20 is one of the Engagement groups of the G20 process. The purpose of Civil20 (C20) is to bring together voices, ideas and solutions from civil societies across the Globe. The C20 group leverages the diverse spectrum of our society and is expected to channelize the G20 process towards being inclusive, people-centric, democratic and better informed. For the past few years, Bharat has been highlighting ‘Lifestyleʼ as one of the issues requiring global discussion. Lifestyle for Environment is one of the important discussion themes in all three tracks of the G20 process.  The C20 in Bharat has created 14 working groups covering various aspects that civil societies work on. LiFE (Lifestyle for Environment) has been identified as one of the significant working groups. 
We are happy to share that Shri Mayur Bhave Ji will grace us with his presence for our first episode. His expertise and experience will enlighten thousands of Faculties, education enthusiasts, villagers and policy stakeholders who are the target audience and we are looking forward to having your attendance.

Episode#3|| Date: 10-05-2023 || 03:30 PM: https://tinyurl.com/C20LiFEUBA3


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About the Speaker: Shushri Vishakha Chandhere is from Pune, India, and has been working in the energy and climate change sector for 12 years. She has personal experience using green fuels for cooking and enjoys introducing people to alternative cooking fuels. Vishakha JI conducts clean cooking demonstrations and teaches others how to make simple solar cookers. She finds it satisfying that both urban and rural communities in India understand the importance of using green fuels.
Vishakha Ji initially aimed to ensure that every household, whether rural or urban, could use at least one alternative fuel source for cooking. However, she now realizes the magnitude of this goal and has taken incremental steps towards achieving it. Vishakha Ji hopes to contribute towards making clean fuels more accessible and affordable.
More than 800 million Indians use traditional biomass cookstoves for cooking, and nearly 85% of households have the potential to use at least one clean fuel source. The Indian government's Ujjwala program has been instrumental in increasing access to LPG, but the cost of LPG remains a significant barrier. With abundant sunlight, India has tremendous potential for solar cooking, but it has not been fully explored. Biogas and biochar are other clean fuel sources that can be made accessible to all citizens.The lack of programs or schemes to support end-users is the main challenge in this sector. Other challenges include the absence of good financing schemes, cookstove repairs and maintenance services, and a lack of awareness about the variety of available fuels. To overcome these challenges, a systems approach involving multiple stakeholders is necessary. Demonstrations, services, financial schemes, and other initiatives are being led to address these issues. However, there is still much to be done.
This sector needs more women to come forward and facilitate the adoption of clean cooking technologies. Women with technical, analytical, and creative skills can have a significant impact in achieving widespread change. Therefore, women who join this sector should contribute their skills and knowledge to make a difference.

​With Regards,
Unnat Bharat Abhiyan, IIT Delhi 

Flagship Program of Ministry of Education (MoE), GoI
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
Hauz Khas, New Delhi - 110016