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Smart Kheti | गोबर से चलती गाड़ी | CBG गाड़ियां | IIT Delhi | 06 June, 2023

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Smart Kheti | गोबर से चलती गाड़ी | CBG गाड़ियां | IIT Delhi | 06 June, 2023

Smart Kheti | गोबर से चलती गाड़ी | CBG गाड़ियां | IIT Delhi | 06 June, 2023

Watch it live on https://youtu.be/oDPuH-POf-U

One of Professor Vijay's notable contributions is the design and development of small-scale biogas purification, Bio-CNG, and bottling technology for vehicular applications in India. The technology has been licensed to multiple industries, Gaushalas (cow shelters), and young entrepreneurs for implementation. He received an Indian patent for the process of preparing fuel from biogas and a device for the same. Additionally, Professor Vijay has conducted extensive research on engine performance, emissions, mileage, and cylinder deterioration using bio-CNG produced from waste at IIT Delhi.

The data obtained from India's first and only biogas car, which has covered over 80,000 km, contributed to the formulation of the biomethane bio-CNG standard in 2013. The Indian government's recognition of bio-CNG as a major component in the National Bio-Fuels Policy further validates Professor Vijay's efforts to reduce petroleum imports, enhance the rural economy and farmers' income, and protect the environment. He also developed a mobile unit for biogas purification and bottling, mounted on a four-wheeled trolley operated by a tractor. This mobile unit can easily transport and purify biogas at various biogas plant sites, enabling its storage in cylinders for vehicle use. This system not only improves the commercialization of biogas but also boosts the local economy and creates employment opportunities in rural areas. Professor Vijay is the founder and General Secretary of the Biogas Forum India, a technical movement that promotes biogas and bio-fertilizers in the country.

He is a fellow of several scientific and professional societies and has delivered numerous invited lectures in conferences and programs. He has published approximately 175 papers, authored 7 books, and contributed to a lab manual. Recognized for his exceptional research, teaching, and extension activities, Professor Vijay has received over 21 awards at both local and national levels.

He also serves as the Convener of the National Steering Committee for the Scientific Utilization through Research Augmentation (SUTRA) program, which focuses on cow-based rural economy development and is chaired by esteemed figures in the field. Overall, Professor Vijay's contributions have had a transformative impact on rural development, energy systems, and sustainable practices in India.

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