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Community Outreach Programmes of Unnat Bharat Abhiyan through no cost & low cost activities by National Institute of Rural Development & Panchayati Raj

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Community Outreach Programmes of Unnat Bharat Abhiyan through no cost & low cost activities by National Institute of Rural Development & Panchayati Raj

Community Outreach Programmes of Unnat Bharat Abhiyan through No-cost, Low-cost activities

2 - Day Workshop on Community Out-reach Programmes by HEIs of India through No-cost, Low-cost Activities (03 - 04 November, 2023)


Welcome to a transformative journey in higher education that goes beyond traditional academic pursuits. In an era where the world faces unprecedented social and environmental challenges, the role of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in fostering social responsibility has never been more crucial. We are proud to present this training brochure, which highlights the significance of HEIs in embracing their social responsibility and aligning with initiatives like the Unnat Bharat Abhiyan of the Government of India. As we delve into this training programme, you will discover how HEIs can become catalysts for positive change, nurturing a generation of socially conscious leaders who actively engage with communities, address pressing societal issues, discover researchable topics, and drive sustainable development. Join us on this remarkable journey of redefining higher education's role in shaping a better, more equitable future for all.

The outcome we are likely to achieve in our outreach journey might significantly fluctuate depending on the approaches adopted for identifying problems;solutions proposed; and the strategies put to use for executing the solutions. This workshop aims at discussing such approaches, strategies, and means of communication that help multiply the results of community engagement, even with shoe-string budgets.

Objectives of the Workshop

1. Equip HEIs with skills to build partnerships with local institutions, leveraging expertise and resources to address societal issues. Learn strategies to become integral contributors to community betterment.

2. Provide HEIs with cost-effective approaches for impactful social responsibility initiatives. Acquire insights into innovative, budget-conscious solutions that enhance social and environmental outcomes, optimizing impact within financial constraints.

3. Equip participants with knowledge of Government of India's rural development programmes, which can enable HEIs to amplify their impact in grassroots community development and social responsibility initiatives by utilizing government resources effectively.

Contents ✔ Engaging with Rural Communities – Approaches to Participatory Learning ✔ Can we learn better? Revolutions in Development Inquiry ✔ Priorities of the Government of India: Vision 2030 – Vision – 2047 ✔ Approaches, Strategies and Modes of Community Engagement ✔ Gram Panchayat Development Plan – what it is & what UBA PIs can do about it? ✔ Sources of Funds for Gram Panchayats & the scheme convergence potentials ✔ Mission Life: Life Style for Environment and Green Credit ✔ Drafting quality UBA proposals that are in alignment with Priorities of the Government ✔ Schemes and Programmes that HEIs can avail for research, action research and R & D.

Workshop Methods It is planned to be participatory with lots of group works, group presentations, and games - plays. There will be short active lectures assisted by PowerPoint slides, and short videos. There will be lots of scope for discussing specific cases, and experiences. Good practices may be shared by RCIs. The RCIs and PIs may come prepared for sharing any good practice they have implemented or propose to implement.

Participants It is proposed to invite all the Regional Coordinating Institutions (RCIs) of Unnat BharatAbhiyan (UBA), and active PIs nominated by RCIs may attend this programme. This is proposed exclusively for RCIs and active PIs of UBA. Forty participants (40) will be admitted on Early Bird Registration mode.RCIs are encouraged to apply, and nominate active PIs. This does not prevent PIs from applying directly. Duration This is a two-day residential programme on 3 rd and 4th November, 2023 (Friday& Saturday). The participants may arrive at NIRDPR campus at Rajendranagar, Hyderabad the previous evening. However, they may have to leave on the 4 th November evening or 5thSunday morning by 8.00 am.

For location details: Googlemap – NIRDPR, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad. Training Fees and Logistics This is a residential programme. Accommodation for all the participants will be arranged (on twinsharing basis) that include both boarding, and lodging. Pick up for out-station participants arriving in airports, and railway stations may be possible, provided we get their travel plan at least 3 days in 4 advance. However, NIRDPR does not reimburse your travel expenses. Your TA (and DA, if any) will have to be borne by your Institution. Participants from local institutions - from and within the vicinity of Hyderabad - are requested to arrive on their own.

Organisers UBA-RCI, Centre for Rural Infrastructure, NIRDPR, Hyderabad Official Contact: 040-24008448 Venue NIRDPR Campus, Hyderabad Visit: http://www.nirdpr.org.in for details. National Institute of Rural Development &Panchayati Raj (An Autonomous Institution under the Ministry of Rural Development) NIRD Campus, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad – 500 030

For more details you may visit http://nirdpr.org.in

 or http://erp.nirdpr.in/website/NewsandEvents/Img-638313299043151415Emp%20No_5706.pdf