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Establishment of Computer Labs in the 4 Govt Higher Primary Schools of UBA RCI adopted villages.

The Karnatak University Dharwad has been chosen as one of the Regional Coordinating Institutes (RCI) for Unnat Bharat Abhiyan in the south zone since 2017. Karnataka University Dharwad (K.U.D) has been excellence in the field of Science, Technology and Management since it was established.

UBA (RCI) was initially headed by Prof C. A. SOMASHEKHARAPPA as a Coordinator in the year 2017. At present the UBA Cell is headed by Dr. N. RAMANJANEYALU as RCI Coordinator and made his pivotal inputs to observe and choose rural areas within 25 kms which were in the need of sustainably growth and development. He formed a cluster of 5 villages viz Dasanur, Devalingikoppa, Dummawada, Gambyapura and Kuruvinakoppa as adopted villages in Kalaghatagi Taluk of Dharwad district. Since, under his guidance various Applaudable Activities and Events have been organised in the adopted villages under UBA program.

The UBA team of Karnatak University, Dharwad made a pilot survey to ascertain the needs of the village people. From door to door visit and the discussions with villagers it was found that there was lack of Quality Education in the Schools of adopted villages. So, it was decided to organise school children’s parents meeting in the helm of Dharwad district DDPI. DDPI portrayed the villagers about Parent’s role is more important for providing Quality Education to the school children. UBA team briefed about children must engage in regular learning without leaving the school and make the use of Govt schemes for perusal. Villagers requested to furnish Laboratory for Computer & Science experiments in Govt schools of villages. So, in this way, one solution has been resolved.   

The aftermath of some pivotal activities tend towards the more requisition for the development in the schools of adopted villages. On the village’s plea we reckoned that there is need of Quality Education in the schools either to establish a well furnished Laboratory for Computer & Science Experiments. After discussed with Govt official experts and based on their directives we choose only Govt Higher Primary Schools from each adopted villages to establish Computer Labs.



Avasar Foundation Trust from Bangalore an NGO which is a regular player in engaging of developmental activities showed curious initiative and collaborated with UBA (RCI) KUD to establish Computer Laboratories. Avasar Foundation Trust established 4 well furnished Computer Laboratories in the Govt schools of adopted villages i.e one Computer Laboratory established in each Govt Higher Primary School. Now, the villagers became happy and the school children can also pursue after the establishment of computer Lab.