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She Fest 2.0

Title: She Fest 2.0: Bag Tailoring Workshop by UBA

Description: Join us for an exciting event as UBA (Unnat Bharat Abhiyan) proudly presents She Fest 2.0: Bag Tailoring Workshop. This unique event celebrates the creativity, empowerment, and skill of women in the field of bag tailoring and customization.

During She Fest 2.0, we invite all bag enthusiasts, aspiring designers, and fashion-forward individuals to immerse themselves in a day filled with hands-on workshops, insightful discussions, and a showcase of exquisite bag designs.

Workshop Highlights:

  1. Bag Tailoring Techniques: Learn various tailoring techniques from industry experts, including pattern making, sewing, and embellishment. Discover how to transform a simple bag into a personalized masterpiece.
  2. Embroidery and Appliqué: Unleash your creativity with embroidery and appliqué techniques. Explore the art of adding intricate designs, motifs, and personal touches to your bags.
  3. Customization and Personalization: Discover innovative ways to customize your bags with unique features such as adjustable straps, additional pockets, and personalized closures.
  4. Sustainable Bag Making: Gain insights into sustainable bag making practices, including the use of eco-friendly materials, upcycling, and ethical sourcing.

Panel Discussions: Engage in stimulating discussions led by successful women entrepreneurs and industry experts. Hear their inspiring stories, learn about the challenges and opportunities in the bag tailoring industry, and gain valuable insights into building a successful bag brand.

Bag Showcase: Witness a stunning display of bags created by talented women designers. Admire their craftsmanship, creativity, and attention to detail. Get inspired by the diverse range of bag styles, materials, and techniques used.

Networking and Collaboration: Connect with like-minded individuals, exchange ideas, and explore potential collaborations. Forge new partnerships and expand your professional network within the bag tailoring community.

Whether you're an experienced bag tailor or a beginner with a passion for fashion, She Fest 2.0: Bag Tailoring Workshop by UBA offers an inclusive and supportive environment for you to enhance your skills, express your creativity, and gain valuable knowledge from industry leaders.

Join us at She Fest 2.0 and embark on a transformative journey in the world of bag tailoring. Discover the power of craftsmanship, individuality, and self-expression while celebrating the achievements of women in the bag design industry.